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The Inspiration


The Inspiration Behind the Seeker

The inspiration, power, strength and guidance behind this organization, is Sri Vasudeva, Founder and Spiritual Leader of Blue Star Center. Blue Star centers have been created throughout the world as students / seekers on a personal spiritual journey meet, become inspired and awakened to their own inner truth by Kundalini Master, Sri Vasudeva. His students would say, “His mere presence creates a profound transformation experience to those who are open and receptive to the metamorphosis of their own being.” Seeking truth is often found to be at two levels, a conscious searching and very often an unconscious one that the seeker cannot understand how the meeting all took place. But however, the student comes into contact with the teacher a deep profound change takes place for the person. This can manifest in the way the person views themselves and others, the way situations are approached, the inner state of peace and joy; wisdom and knowledge, love and compassion to name a few…

It is said in the sacred texts, “when the student is ready, the master will appear” so at such time that is ripe for the seeker, the Master will enter your lives. Standing apart from the “ordinary” teachers, Sri Vasudeva brings his experiences to the teaching and evolutionary process. When this occurs, the student experiences a peace that passeth all understanding, a joy that is ever flowing and a love that is unconditional and timeless, a divine inner knowing and being of peace. Sri Vasudeva speaks not from mere intellect and books, but from personal experience of an inner world that the scriptures and yogic eastern tradition speak of. Many say “he is the real deal.”

For students, meeting a Master like Sri Vasudeva, he has created through his mere presence a mystical and magical stirring inside of the human spirit that kindles the inner flame of each person. With his spiritual energetic force – his words, his thoughts, his prayers, his love, his touch this growth is sustained. Each individual remaining faithful to their journey and continuing on the path of spirituality often meets obstacles, challenges / opportunities and ‘mysteriously’ these obstacles and impediments are transformed as a wisdom unfolds for the student who has the eyes to see and the heart to know. Then life is no longer the same, as the student becomes a master player of the game of life and his / her life is transformed forever. For the student, learning becomes a life long process and he / she continues to explore the dimensions presented in each opportunity, everyday, remaining faithful to their practice of the teachings presented and watching as the teachings come alive and one goes from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowing and being.