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Sri Vasudeva



Sri Vasudeva is a visionary leader who combines ancient wisdom with modern thinking. For many he is a personal guide, coach and counselor. He is also an international speaker and workshop facilitator. He is the founder and director of Blue Star, an international non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to holistic human development and community service. Today Blue Star has centres in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Sri Vasudeva has published internationally in the fields of spirituality, management and psychotherapy and his own publications include, You are the Light, Seek God Within, Self as Leader and Reflections on the Inner Light.

Born of beautiful and humble parents in Trinidad on August 14, 1954. His story is an extraordinary one like that of a fairy tale.

The search for happiness and true love were drivers in his life that led him to embrace books and other materials that would lead him to finding his Spiritual Master and Teacher. This searching began at the early age of 11 thru 14 and eventually at 18 years of age, not knowing what to expect or who or when he will find his Master, he journeyed to India; leaving behind family, friends and all possessions. He read that if you wanted to find true happiness you had to find a Spiritual Master and not finding any in his homeland, he left on a quest to find answers to his loveless heart and emotional inner turmoil.

His search took him to, many places in India, but eventually he was guided by the universe to a special place where his life would be transformed forever. It is here that Sri Vasudeva experienced an awakening of his own beautiful inner energies (Kundalini) that brought about the transformation of his being; paving the way for the person that he will become.

After many months of spiritual discipline he returned to his homeland taking India with him. He continued his spiritual discipline developed in India; incorporating it into his own daily life. Three years later, during a two hour chanting session he underwent many spontaneous yogic/ kundalini experiences that continued for forty (40) days. The culmination of this experience was one of internal constancy, harmony and a phenomenal sense of unity and expansiveness; in eastern tradition referred to a state of “moksha.” Connected to the Source of Divine Wisdom allows him the opportunity of living in a world of infinite possibilities at all times and teaching students how to access this source became his life’s purpose.

After these three years of intense yogic experiences and evolution Sri Vasudeva returned to the world of work as a Teacher. He entered the world of engineering having received a scholarship to pursue his academic studies at the University of the West Indies. Completing his studies he worked as an Engineer and quickly climbed the corporate ladder in a leadership role. In 1993, at the tender age of 39, the world of “normal” work was left for “life’s” work. Blue Star, Trinidad was born.

In 1996 he made his first trip abroad to Canada, starting his international centers. The USA was next, then Europe and the Caribbean. His sphere of influences expands every day. There is such a need in our tumultuous world for leaders, visionaries like Sri Vasudeva, bringing light, unconditional love, peace, wisdom, harmony, transformation to all…

For more information on Sri Vasudeva go to http://www.sri-vasudeva.com/. For more information about Blue Star International go to www.blue-star.org