125-02 111th Avenue, S. Ozone Park, NY 11420
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About Blue Star



Blue Star Center of NY, A Place of Healing and Wellness is at it’s 10 year evolution point. October 1997, Blue Star New York was born after Sri Vasudeva made his debut to Queens, NY. Programs were conducted at various locations in Queens, such as the Sudama Mandir, Bhavani Mandir, several devotees’ homes and other locations. It is at these sessions that a group of then strangers met. On the eve of Sri Vasudeva’s departure this group said to him, “we really enjoyed what we experienced over the last few days, but now you return to Trinidad and what happens to us? How do we continue this?” A perfect solution came and that was, “you can all continue to meet and I will guide you from afar” and Blue Star Center of NY was born.
A group of seekers pursuing their spiritual aspirations became and still are the support behind Blue Star NY. January 1998 the organization was formerly founded and registered in the State of NY. Several weekly programs were initiated that very week and have been in existence ever since without fail. Weekly programs were held in the homes of devotees and finally in July 2007 a space was leased in preparation for the 10th year anniversary and grand opening of the Blue Star Center of NY, a Place of Healing and Wellness. The location of this beautiful and sacred space is 125-02 111th Avenue, S. Ozone Park, NY 11420.


  • To awaken and develop the spiritual consciousness within the individual, creating a more peaceful, loving and harmonious world.
  • To provide an environment for holistic development where the full potential of the individual can be realized at all levels of being.
  • To engage in humanitarian service and in preserving and enhancing our natural environment, recognizing the Divine Principle existing in all of life.


  • The ultimate human experience is to realize the Divinity within.
  • The oneness of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, color, religion or nationality
  • There is a universal, timeless, Truth that underlies all faiths.
  • Selfless service is service to the Divinity that dwells within all.