125-02 111th Avenue, S. Ozone Park, NY 11420
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Healing & Wellness Center

Health is defined as the harmonious integration of body, mind, spirit and environment


“Transforming ourselves is a powerful and positive step towards transforming our community…” Sri Vasudeva

This sacred place of Healing and Wellness is a center established to serve the community’s holistic healing needs. To meet the organizational goal of holistic human development: body, mind and spirit an array of programs have been developed to assist individuals in managing their physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual well being. These programs are offered to everyone. The organization is community based and is of a non-denominational origin. Blue Star is a spiritually based organization focused on the goodness of humanity and the manifestation of goodness in others and to others. Come join us in creating a healthy and enlightened community.

For additional information contact:
Anupriya, MS, RM at 917-623-2546
Marjorie Barsattee at 646-286-2736

For Reflexology & Massage Therapy contact: Michelle Bayne, RN at 917-657-2363