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What Is Reflexology?
The ancient healing art of Reflexology is a natural way of systematically massaging the feet in order to stimulate the reflexes that are connected to the various organs, glands and parts of the body.

What Does It Do?
Increases circulation
Normalizes body functions
Brings about relaxation in body, mind & spirit

How Does It Work?
When we massage the reflexes, immediately lymph and crystalline deposits are broken up and dispersed through the blood stream and a sense of balance is regained

Love Your Feet – Love Your Body

Foot Facts


Did you know …

The human foot is a mechanically, complex structure comprising of :
26 Bones,
33 Joints,
107 Ligaments,
19 Muscles
and numerous tendons all working together to provide mobility, flexibility and resilience.

Our ankles serve as foundations, shock absorbers and propulsion engines
whilst our feet provide support, balance and mobility.

For Reflexology & Massage Therapy contact:
Michelle Bayne, RN at 917-657-2363