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Youth Testimonial

“Attending the Blue Star Youth Class has instilled in me a certain mindset, which has helped to prepare me to face the real world. From a young age, it began to mold my mind, teaching me how to deal with and have control over my emotions and thoughts.

This was especially helpful as child, when I was often unable to control my emotions. I had a real temper, and once the anger got a hold on me, I would go off on a tantrum. The Blue Star Youth Class, however, taught me how to overcome this anger, rather than letting the anger overcome me. It was as simple as repeating a mantra, or a phrase. The mere repetitions of words were enough to sooth my emotions, and prevent a tantrum.

In combination with the use of mantra, we also learned the importance of being aware of our thoughts and emotions. Many people, adults included, sometimes act based on emotions, without even realizing what it is they are doing. For us, we learned to take some time out of our days and reflect on the situations that were the cause of certain emotions. It was our responsibility to analyze and figure out why we felt the way we did and how we could have handled ourselves differently, in order to avoid negative thoughts or emotions, such as anger and sadness.

It may sound like a simple task, but sometimes it’s hard to explain what you feel or why you feel that way, especially as a 7 year old kid. Once you are able to be aware and understand your thoughts and emotions, though, it prepares you for the next time a similar situation comes up. It’s almost amazing to see how you can transform yourself from one situation to the next, just by gaining control over emotions.

I am almost 18 years old, more than ten years later, the lessons learned in Blue Star has stayed with me and as I compare myself to others my age, I know I am better able to handle what life throws at me. I have to thank the Blue Star Youth Class for that.” – Kiran Lorick



Kiran being lifted by Sri Vasudeva at age 7.
In many ways the Guru continues to lift Kiran and he continues to be open to be lifted by the Guru


Kiran receiving a hug of blessing by Sri Vasudeva (his Guru) at age 17.
“The relationship between teacher and disciple is one of the most important relationships one can have.”
Kiran recognizes and embraces this realization.

The above testimonial is from a student who attended the first Youth Program. There’s a new set of young students currently in classes on 1st and 3rd Sundays each month 10:30 – 11:30 am. If you are interested to learn more about these classes please call or email us.